Crissic – $15/Year 512/RAM, 3/CPU, 100G/Disk, 2T/Bandwidth OpenVZ VPS in Florida


Today, I recommend a very cheap OpenVZ VPS to you, This vps come form Crissic. It have 512MB RAM, 3 vCPU cores, 100GB Disk,2TB Bandwidth, The price is only $15/year.Crissic Solutions, LLC was started in April 2013 in Missouri, USA, by Skylar Macminn. They guarantee your satisfaction with a 10-day money back refund guarantee!

+  512MB RAM
+  512MB vSwap
+  3 vCPU cores
+  100GB Disk
+  2TB Bandwidth
+  1Gbit port
+  OpenVZ/SolusVM
+  1 IPv4
+  Up to 200 IPv6
+  Price -$15/year
+  Order here

All new nodes are provisioned with Dual X5660 CPU’s (Hex Core 2.80Ghz CPU’s), 96GB of Memory, and 12 (yes TWELVE) Western Digital RE4′s on a hardware raid card Dell H700. This will be our primary node setup moving forward. Existing client nodes will be upgraded over the next 3-6 months.” This improves their DiskIO from 70Mbps to a whopping 500Mbps, the serverbear benchmark confirms it.

Network Information Florida (GoRack):

Test Information:
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2602:ffea:a::dead:beef
Test File: