PremiumReseller – $7.95/month 512MB/RAM 20GB/SSD Windows VPS in Los Angeles


PremiumReseller provides reliable web hosting service at affordable price since 2005. They offer Windows VPS hosting using Microsoft Hyper-V technolgy which provides true Hardware Virtualization and High level of Isolation from other virtual machines on the physical server.

Performance Guarantee:
PremiumReseller are confident that our VPS service is top notch using latest virtualization technologies.
PremiumReseller will give 2 months free service if you can show proof of better performance from any other provider.

Server locations: Los Angeles

VM Guest OS: Windows 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Linux Centos 6.x

Surfer VPS Plans

Surver VPS SSD1
20GB SSD Disk Space
512MB RAM, 2.1 Ghz CPU
300GB Transfer
Server Location: Los Angeles
Windows VPS SSD1


Surver VPS SSD2
25GB SSD Disk Space
300GB Transfer
1GB RAM, 2.1 Ghz CPU
Server Location: Los Angeles
Windows VPS SSD2


Surver VPS SSD3
2GB Ram
2 x 2.1 Ghz CPU
500GB Transfer
Server Location: Los Angeles
Windows VPS SSD3

VPS Hosting Features:
PreInstalled IIS & MS FTP & MS DNS
ASP ASP.NET PHP5 support
Daily remote backup VPS disk image
24×7 Technical Support

 Based VPS Management Panel Features

+ View CPU Utilization
+ View Memory Utilization
+ View Disk space Allocation
+ Start / Turn Off / Shut Down VPS
+ Pause / Resume VPS
+ Reboot / Hard Reset

Speed Test File
Los Angeles Data Center: – Speed Test File

Many addons available for resellers: SmarterMail Enterprise, Hosted MSSQL database server, WebsitePanel, Billing Script ClientExec WHMCS, Domain Reseller Account.