Crissic – $5/month 512MB/RAM 25GB/HDD 2TB/transfer in Los Angeles and Jacksonville


Crissic is back with new offers to finalvps The offers includes  KVM services. They have been providing services from Jacksonville for quite some time, and just recently branched out to Los Angeles.

Node specification for this offer is Dell branded enterprise Dual X5660 CPUs (Hex Core 2.80Ghz) & Dual X5650 CPUs (Hex Core 2.66Ghz), 96GB of memory and 12 Western Digital hard drives. They operate their own network (AS62639) and own all their hardware. Past reviews are mostly positive, but comments are always welcome!



Crissic accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, and Debit/Credit Cards for payments. IRC, Bittorrent, TOR, P2P, warez, Runescape bots, gameservers, and anything illegal in the USA are not allowed on these servers. Private proxies and personal IRC bouncers are allowed. Kindly read their Terms of Servicebefore making any purchase.

Network information

QuadraNet – Los Angeles, California, USA
Looking glass:
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2602:ffea:100f::17f8
Test file:

Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Looking glass:
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2602:ffea:a::dead:beef
Test file:

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