Sentris – $2.99/year 64MB/RAM OpenVZ VPS in Seattle, USA


Sentris is a veteran of the United States IDC, in 2013, they are selling VPS, their own server room in Seattle. Now, Sentris brought a special cheap, paid VPS, only $2.99 / year, basically, the price is no lower.

64M RM
2G RAID 10 Disk Storage
250GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Address
Test IP:
Order Link

Can be cheaper to use the coupon code for three years, $4.25, first half, renewal is $8.49.

Preferential Code: ISCVJZ0365

1、click on the above registration link, select the relevant configuration, and then click “to cart Add”.


2、direct selection in the next step “Out Check”.


3、Fill in the relevant personal information, complete the registration of the account, the use of PayPal payment can be immediately opened VPS.