VaporNode – $7/month KVM VPS 3GB/RAM 25G/SSD in Tampa, Florida

VaporNode was founded in2010, they released a discount KVM VPS package.This vps of hardware located in Tampa, Florida.This datacenter has over 240Gbps of total network capacity with direct peering points in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Miami.

VPR-KVM-LEB2017 (Limit 2 per customer):

CPU: 2 cores


Storage: 25GB SSD

Network: 2TB bandwidth @ 1Gbps, 1 IPv4

Virt: KVM

Price: $7/month ( Order here )


NOT ALLOWED: Illegal torrents, warez, spamming

ALLOWED: Legal torrents, TOR relays, game servers, adult content

Test IPv4:

Test IPv6:

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