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BuyVM – $7/m KVM VPS 2GB/RAM 40GB/SSD 2TB/BW – in Las Vegas


BuyVM became famous in the low-end market for offering 128MB OpenVZ for $15/year. Today, BuyVM breaks their tradition of never lowering cost to bring you the best KVM offer they’ve had to date. If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited to bring this offer to you. I’ll be making the first order. We’ll throw in their famous OpenVZ offer as well. Remember that DDOS protected IPs (Voxility) are $3/m extra.  Continue reading

IntenseVPS – $5/month 768MB/RAM 25GB Windows KVM VPS in Netherlands


Alex from IntenseVPS,  share us with their first offer. These vps are hosted in Netherlands, France, and Canada. Two of those are OVH, NL is Serverius. IntenseVPS is not a registered company.

IntenseVPS have utilized KVM virtualization technology to guarantee that you are able to use the CPU, ram and disk that you pay for. Continue reading